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Time Range : 2016.01.01. 0:01:39 - 2016.12.31. 23:59:29 Generated on 2017.02.08. 19:17:12

This report shows the summary statistics of the requested report period.

Report generated on2017.02.08. 19:17:12
Log span a period of366 day(s)
First hit2016.01.01. 0:01:39
Last hit2016.12.31. 23:59:29
Total hits3642771
Total visiting users145723
Total bandwidth521,11 GB
Hits on pages1327939
Hits on files952534
Hits on images1362298
Hits cached by client26668 (0,73%)
Incomplete downloads576729 (15,83%)
Failed requests307838 (8,45%)
Data Transfer per Day1,42 GB
Data Transfer per Hit150,00 kB
Data Transfer per User3,66 MB
Hits per Day9952,93
Hits per User25,00
Users per Day398,15

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